Hackability of Volkswagen’s Keyless Entry System Exposed

By | September 26th, 2016|Categories: Industry Innovation, Tech|

Hackers using cheap wireless devices pose a threat to millions of cars equipped with Volkswagen's keyless entry system, according to a study from the University of Birmingham. Scheduled for presentation Friday at the USENIX security conference in Austin, Texas, the study shows that thieves can use a simple wireless device to unlock the doors of millions [...]

The Internet of Medical Things

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Manufacturers are eager to lay the bricks and help pave the road to better, more personalized healthcare through integration of connected devices in the new Internet of Medical Things. Compared to other industries, healthcare has been "inherently conservative and slow" to embrace innovations such as the cloud and the Internet of Things -- but that's changing.Innovative [...]

Google makes it easier to do the 2 step

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Google on Monday began rolling out a new two-step authentication feature, Google Prompt, targeting enterprise employees. The new option consists of a pop-up that displays a mobile user's name and profile image, and that specifies the location and device involved in the attempted sign-in. The device owner is asked whether to allow or deny the sign-in. [...]

What SME’s want from IT Services

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When small businesses choose an IT and support service provider, the two most important considerations are the provider's ability to include all of the company's devices and provide a comprehensive IT service plan. More than half of small businesses that use professional IT services use two or more services. However, small businesses may have to rely [...]

Companies in the Dark About Their Open Source Risk Exposure

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Commercial software is full of security vulnerabilities from unpatched open source components developers use, according to a report Black Duck Softwareissued last week. Software companies misjudge how much open source code their commercial products contain, the report says. The report, titled "The State of Open Source Security in Commercial Applications," is based on an analysis of [...]

Microsoft’s Holographic Platform Opening Mixes It Up

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Microsoft last week announced it would open its Windows Holographic platform to partner firms looking to develop products for the Hololens ecosystem. Microsoft already is already working with a range of partners -- including Intel, AMD, Qualcomm and others -- to build a hardware ecosystem that can support mixed-reality environments, company officials said at Computex. "We [...]